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Prof. B. P. Sharma
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Prof. Mahima Birla
(Additional Editor in Chief)

Dr. Khushbu Agarwal

Ms. Asha Galundia
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Editorial Team

Dr. Devendra Shrimali

Dr. Dharmesh Motwani

Mr. Ramesh Modi

A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
September 2013
Name : Editorial
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Name : Importance Of Perceived Price and Perceived Value For Customers
Author : Vinita Modi
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Name : Revisiting Dimensions Of Customer Citizenship Behavior: A Survey in Indian Context
Authorhor : Nidhi Aggarwal
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Name : Empirical Evidence of Television Advertising Effectiveness on Selected Brands of Cellular Phone
Author : Saumendra Das,Kusumuru Vijaya Kumar
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Name : Performance of Business Groups in Emerging Markets: A Review of Literature
Author : Dr.D.S Prasad
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Name : Inclusive Organization Culture Enhances Job Satisfaction- A Study of Selected Service Sector Organizations in Jammu region
Author : Syeda Shazia Bukhari,Prof. B.C. Sharma
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Name : The impact of Luxury Products on Consumers: A Study on Difference In Attitude of Urban Educated Indian Youth
Author : Dr. Samik Shome, Ms. Aindrila Roy
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Name : Management of Natural Environment with special reference to international Tractors Limited (Sonalinka)
Author : Ms. Rajni Bala, Dr.G.S. Bhalla
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Name : Influence of Store Image in Purchase of Shirts
Author : T. Frank Sunil Justus, M.Gnanasundari, P.Pevinson
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Name : A Study to Explore the Role and Scope of Various Advertising Media in Current Scenario
Author : Dr. Reena Patel
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Name : An Empirical Study on The Student Perspicacity about The Usage of E-Books in Academics.
Author : Sharda Haryani, Bharti Motwani, Dr. Sukhjeet Kaur Matharu
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Name : Does ADR Issue influence Return and volume of Underlying Domestic Stocks? –An Evidence from the ADR Issue Made by Wipro Ltd.
Author : Potharla Srikanth
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Name : Lean Six Sigma In HR
Author : Dr. Ashu Singh
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Name : Stats window economy at a glance
Author :
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Name : Corporate Snapshot-World-September 2013
Author :
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Name : Economic Update-Global & indian
Author :
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