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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
October 2013
Name : Editorial
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Name : Measuring Customer Based Brand Equity for Premium Detergent Brands in the Indian Marke
Author : Smritishika Choudhury,Dr. Rinalini P. Kakati
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Name : Development of a Community Information Serivce: The Citizen-Centric E-Governance in Rajasthan special refernce to Tribal District Dungarpur – Rajasthan (India)
Authorhor : Vipin Khana,Dr. Ritu Khanna
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Name : Value Proposition of Modern Management Education and India’s Role
Author : Dr. Ajith P
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Name : Enhancing the Competitiveness of Clusters in Global Economy: Strategies and Initiatives
Author : Dr. Priya Jhamb
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Name : Capacity Management in Service Industry- Influenced by External Environmental Factors
Author : Er.Anil Ojha
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Name : A Study on Franchise Model of Leading Apparel Brands in Ahmedabad and North Gujarat
Author : Prashant Pareek
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Name : Impact of Intellectual capital on the financial performance of Indian Private Sector Banks
Author : Majid Shaban,Dr.V. Kavida
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Name : . Online vs Traditional Advertisement Media –A Comparitive Analysis
Author : Harshita Bhatnagar,Kiran Asnani
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Name : Retail Store and Service Quality: A Study on Hypermarkets In Ahmedabad City
Author : Prof. Vinit M. Mistri,Dr. Nishithkumar H. Bhatt
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Name : Effevtive Change Management – An Empirical Study
Author : Dr. V.Rama Devi,Mr.S. Shiva Charan
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Name : Employees’ Perception on Quality of Work Life (QUL) in Sugar Mills Of U.P: A Comparative Study Based on Working Environment Factor
Author : Dr. Sudhir Chandra Das,Mr. Anil Kumar Gope
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Name : Indian IPOs: Under-Pricing and Market Efficiency
Author : Dr. Sampada Kapse,Prof. Manju Raisinghan
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Name : Corporate Snapshot-Global & Indian
Author :
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Name : STATS WINDOW-World Enegy Resources
Author :
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Name : Economic Update-Global & indian
Author :
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