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Dr. Devendra Shrimali

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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
November 2013
Name : Editorial
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Name : Comparative Analysis of Listing Price Performance Between Different Graded IPOs in India
Author : Garima Baluja
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Name : Unethical Practices and Control of IRDA in Indian Insurance Market
Authorhor : Ram Prakash,Prof. Lalit Gupta
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Name : Analysis of Inventory Management of Selected Companies in India
Author : Ranjit Kumar Paswan
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Name : A Study of Consumers' Preference towards Branded & Loose Tea: With Reference to Indore City
Author : Satnam Kour Ubeja,Dhara Jain
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Name : Global Economic Crisis: Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities for India
Author : Sweety Shah (Ahmedabad),Dr. Shubhra Aanand
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Name : Evaluation of Vocational Training Program from the Trainees' Perspective: An Empirical Study
Author : Dr. Mandip Gill,Dr. Gayatri Sharma
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Name : Financial Performance of Life Insurers in Indian Insurance Industry
Author : Dr. Sumninder Kaur Bawa,Samiya Chattha
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Name : Service Marketing Mix with Special Reference to Indian Banking
Author : Vinita Kaura
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Name : Organizational Commitment in Nationalized Banks
Author : Inderpreet Gandhi,Anukool M. Hyde
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Name : Impact of Advertising and Sales Promotion on Sales: A Case Study of Lovely Autos, Jalandhar city
Author : Nitasha Sharma,Raman Sharma
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Name : Media Efforts Flushed by Sunken Judiciary: Damini Case Juvenile Verdict
Author : Dr. Shefali Tiwari,Prof. Ruchita Shandilya
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Name : A Study on linkage between Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives with Financial Performances: Analysis from Oil and Gas Products Industry in India.
Author : V. L. Govindarajan,Dr. S. Amilan
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Author :
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Name : STATS WINDOW-Economy at a Glance
Author :
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Name : ECONOMIC UPDATE -Global & Indian (Nov. 2013)
Author :
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