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Dr. Devendra Shrimali

Dr. Dharmesh Motwani

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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
May 2013
Name : Modelling Effectiveness of Employer Branding- An Interpretive Structural Modelling technique
Author : Shitika, Dr. Sunita Tanwar, Prof. Vijay Shrimali
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Name : Women Entrepreneurship: Purpose, Problems & Prospects: A Study of Udaipur District
Author : Dr. Pallavi Mehta
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Name : HRD Climate in SBI Bank
Author : Shweta Mittal, Dr. B.L.Verma
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Name : Determinants of Return on Assets of Public Sector Banks in India : An Empirical study
Author : Subhendu Dutta, Nitin Gupta, P.Hanumantha Rao
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Name : Digital Library: The New Mantra of Information Infrastructure
Author : Bindu Lodha, Asha Galundia,Pratibha Bhandari
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Name : Corporate Social Responsibility Practices adopted by Udaipur Print Media and its Impact on Print Media's Public Image
Author : Dr. Ranjana Audichy , Mrs. Arti Arha
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Name : Buying behavior of toothpaste in Urban India: A study on Pune city
Author : Dr. Vinit Dani
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Name : Celebrity Attributes and Influence on Consumer Behaviour – A Study of Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan
Author : Dr. Sushil Kumar Rai, Ashish Kumar Sharma
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Name : Domestic Tourism in Rajasthan - Swot Analysis
Author : Dr. Ruchi Singh
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Name : An Exploratory Study on Adoption and Use of SMS/Mobile Banking in India with Special Reference to Public Sector Banks
Author : Dr. Garima Malik, Mr. Kapil Gulati
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Name : Service Quality in The Real Estate Industry in South Africa
Author : Mariska Serfontein, Tonie Drotsky, Johan de Jager
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Name : Behavioural Effect of Mutual Fund Investor's and Perception in Millenium City
Author : Ms Shilpa Sachdeva, Ms Monika Bhatia, Ms Rameesha Kalra
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Name : Ziva Pharmaceuticals Exploring International Markets for Expansion
Author : Dr. Girish Taneja, Dr. Mahesh Chandra Joshi Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Avinash Kumar
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Name : Cause Related Marketing: A Path Maker to Doing Socially Responsible Business
Author : Raghvendra Singh Sisodia, Rahul Vyas, Dr.Snheal Maheshkar
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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