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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
February 2013

Name : Awareness about Product Innovations in Life Insurance: A Study of Karnataka
Author : Dr. Mahesh Rajgopal
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Name : An Assessment of Indian Academicians’ Satisfaction Level with Workplace Environment: A Descriptive Study
Author : Dr. Sudhir Chandra Das, Miss Ranjana Gujrati
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Name : Environmental Changes in the Greater Mekong Region and the Impact on Female Entrepreneurs
Author : Dr. John Walsh
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Name : Time Cycle Of Festivals Representing Cultural And Crop / F.M.P of Tribals in Seethampeta Mandal, Srikakulam District, A.P.
Author : K.VENUGOPAL, SAUMENDRA DAS, Guntuboina Ravi Kumar. L.S
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Name : Stock Market Returns and Volatility in an Emerging Market: The Indian Evidence
Author : K. Venkatesan
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Name : CRM in Life Insurance Sector in India: A study on Customers’ Services and Complaints
Author : Prof. P. Indrasena Reddy, Dr. K. Someshwar Rao, Mr. K. Saisharan
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Name : Indian Foreign Trade with Selected Major Trading Partners under the Post WTO Period: A Critical Evaluation
Author : Rajwant Kaur, Amarjit Singh Sidhu
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Name : Unoganized Retail Shopping Experience in India:An Emperical Investigation
Author : Dr. Ajith Paninchukunnath
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Name : Factors affecting the Adoption of Electronic Commerce – A Review
Author : Dr. Goldi Puri, Sakshi Bansal
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Name : Attitude of Management Students towards Entrepreneurship: A Study of Selected Districts of North Karnataka
Author : Prof. Prakash K Vadavadagi, Dr. Seema P Joshi
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Name : An Emperical Assessement and Psychology Perspective of Internet Addiction on Human Behaviour
Author : Kalpana Sharma, Dr.Amit Sharma
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Name : An Analysis of job Axicity on job Satisfaction of Organizational Employeed and Voluntary Organizationally Employeed Womens
Author : Dr. Alpana Singh
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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