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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
August 2013
Name : Editorial
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Name : Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions on Stakeholders: A Case Study of Reliance Limited
Author : Prof.(Dr) K.C.Foyal,Ms. Pragya Dheer
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Name : Are Advertisers Tuning to Radio? A Cress Sector Empirical Investigation
Author : Dr. Jasmin Padiya
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Name : Strategic Alliances-A Sectoral Perspective
Author : Poopa . R.Rao.
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Name : A study on Role of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s) I Promoing Self Employment In Gandhinagar District
Author : Dr. Jigna Chandrakant Trivedi
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Name : Dynamics of FII Flows on Indian Stock Market Volatility : A Emprical Exploration Using Garch Approach
Author : Haritika Arora,Garima Baluja
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Name : Consumers Purchase Preference & Its Determinants : An Empirical Study on 4-Wheelers in Chhattisgarh
Author : Pooja G.Luniya,Dr. Manoj Verghese
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Name : Supplier Selection in Risk-oriented supply chain: A fuzzy lower and upper boundary approach
Author : Kajal Chatterjee,Samarjit kar
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Name : Mid-cap Value ETFs Performance Analysis & Maximizing the Coefficient of Determination
Author : Kriti Awasthi,Dr. A K Varma
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Name : Environmental Disclosure Practices by Companies in India : A Study of Nifty Companies
Author : Sonia Kundra
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Name : Psychological Correlates of Anxiety ,Depression and Assertiveness in Career Formation of College Students
Author : Dr. Alpana singh
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Name : Hospitality Unlimited : A Case of Gravity Hotal
Author : Dr. Swaranjeet Arora,Dr. Manisha Singhai,Arunika Johri,Barkha Gupta
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Name : Human Resource Factors Influencing Extend Of Procuremental Lead Time in Private Organizations
Author : Dr. Karim Omido (Ph.D.)
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Name : Economic Update-Global & indian
Author :
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