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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
October 2012
Name : A Study of Audit Information Technology Usage and Percived Importance by Auditors in Iran
Author : Mahadi Mordi,Mahdi Salahi, Javed Abdhollahian
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Name : An Appericail of Employees Satisfaction level about fringe Benefits: Evidance from suger Mills in Eastern U.P.
Author : Sudhir Chandra Das,Sanjay Kumar Sah
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Name : Customer`s perception about Merger: An Emperical Study of Erlswhile Bank of Rajathan Ltd.
Author : Vijay Joshi,Dr.K.A.Goyel
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Name : Prime Determinates of Strss Level in Engineering Teacher
Author : A. Senthil Kumar,Dr. S.Mohan
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Name : Impact of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Stock Market Return Volatility in India: Evidence from Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis"
Author : Santhosh Kumar*,M.A.Lagesh**,N.J.Saleena**
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Name : The effects of Service Recovery of Customer Satisfaction and Layality: A Comparitive Study of Private and Public Bank
Author : Devyansh Khant*,Ashwin Jadeja**,Deval Godhani***
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Name : Zero Base Budgeting for Government
Author : N.M.Khandelwal*,CA Kishor Kumar Pahuja**
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Name : Quality of Work Life in Bank:An Emperical Study
Author : Barkha Gupta*,Anukool Manish Hyde**
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Name : A Comperative Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund Scheme: SBI V/S HDFC
Author : Dr.Chetna Parmar*, CA Mitul Parma**
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Name : Talent Management: A Challange for Small and Medium sized Enterprises
Author : Bhanupriya Gidwani,Priya Joshi
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Name : Weathe Derivatives:A Tool for Agri-Risk Management
Author : Ms.Hemlata Chelawat*,Hitesh Chelawat**,Dr.Anil Kothari***
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Name : The Impact of MSME`s on India`s Economic Development:A Programatic Analysis
Author : Madhusmita Mishra**,Prabina Kumar Padhi**
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Name : Explaining Individual Investment Desision Making Process:A Fresh Persepective of Behaviourial Finance
Author : Meghna Dangi*
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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