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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
January March 2012
Name : Analyzing Opportunity and Challanges of Online Retail-An Indian Prespective
Author : Shubham Goswami,Hina Khan
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Name : Role of Talent Management In Substantial Competative Advantage:Rising to meet business Challange
Author : Dr.Harshita Shrimali,Bhanupriya Gidwani
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Name : The impact of Urban life style on Health of Corporate Executives
Author : Prof.Hemant Kothari, Bijay lal Pradhan
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Name : The Relationship between Consumer's Locus of Control and Brand Loyalty:An Emperical Studyy
Author : Dr. Amit Sharma, Naveen Kumar Sharma
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Name : Impact of Foreign Institutional Investor(FII) Investments on Nifty Price
Author : Dr.Renu Choudhary, Ms.Swati Gupta
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Name : Student's Stress:Am Emperical Study on Assam University
Author : Dr.H Ramananda Singh,Sonit Dutta
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Name : Impact of Priroty Sector Leading by Commercial Bank in Rajasthan
Author : Dr.Nareah Kumar Patel, Ms.Shobhika Tyagi
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Name : Operatin Cash Flow Analysis of Indian Banking Industry
Author : Dr.Shurveer Singh Bhanawat,Kalpana Bhanawat
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Name : An Imperical Study of the Student's Perception about the quality of Management Education in Selected Management Institutes
Author : Pankaj Tiwari
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Name : Role of References Group in Buying Studies (A Study of SARAS)
Author : Nayana Sharma
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Name : Editorial
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