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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
April-June 2012
Name : Assesment of inherent Risk and Control Risk:Interindependently or Saperatly Assesment
Author : Mahidi Salehi, Mahidi Moradi, Aliriza Azimi Moghadam
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Name : Perception of Justice as an Antecendent of Organizational Citizenship Behviour:A Survey in Iran Insurnace Industry
Author : Sayed Mehdi Mousavi Davoudi, Kiarash Fartash, Mehdi Abbasian
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Name : Management Educaiton for Future Manager:Issue and Concerns
Author : Prof. Sameer S. Pingle
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Name : CSR in Mining Sector:Transiction from Utopia To Reality
Author : Jyoti Chhajed(Jain), Prof.(Dr.)Karunsh Sexena
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Name : Brand Valuation:Myth and Reality
Author : Dr. Pragnesh Shah
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Name : Applicability of QR Code (An Interactive M_Commerce Tool) in Indian Business:An Exploration
Author : Anurag Sing, Punita Duhan
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Name : An Exploratry Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour in Green Supply Chain Context with Refernce to Selected Companies in Decorative Paints industry of Vadodara City
Author : Prateek M. Mavani,Dr. Amit R.Pandyai
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Name : Role Of Life Style in Apperel Store Selection:Experence of Indian Youth
Author : Dr. Tejas Pujara
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Name : Modern HR Practices(Under National Rural Health Mission,Government of Gujrat)
Author : Mr. Shushman Sharma,Mr. Jai Trivedi
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Name : B2B E-Commerce Critical Success Factor-A Review
Author : Dr. Goldi Puri,Sakshi Bansal
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Name : A Study of Quality of work life and Orgainzational Commitement Amongest Academicain
Author : Dr. Anukool Manish Hyde, Dr. Mandip Gill, Dr. Kalpana Agrawal, Prof. Barkha Gupta, Prof. Monika Sethi
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Name : Linkage Between Corporatie Liquidity and Profitability-An Emperical Analysis
Author : Dr. A. Vijay Kumar, P. Tamizhselvan
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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