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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
July-September 2011
Name : Study of Critical Success Factors for Enterprise System in Indian SMEs
Author : Shubham Goswami And Prof. S.S. Sarangdevot
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Name : An Assessment of Service Quality of Hotel Industry
Author : Babita kumar, Gagandeep Banga And Jagriti Thapar
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Name : Impact of e-Tourism in Indian Tourism Industry
Author : P. Balasubramani,Dr. A. Rajamohan
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Name : XBRL - A Conceptual Framework
Author : Prof. N.M. Khandelwal
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Name : A Study of Corporate Governance Practices in Companies Across Countries with a view to Identify Measures for Good Corporate Governance In India
Author : Jitendra Shreemali, Dr. Harshita Shrimali
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Name : Treatment of Accounting for NGOs with Special Reference to Government Grant: A Case Study
Author : Archana Singh, Prof. G. Soral
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Name : Equity Investment Culture and Entrepreneurship - Culture-Initiation and Adaptation
Author : Dr. Ranjit Singh
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Name : Managerial Implication of Cyber Banking Bottlenecks in the "e' Era
Author : Dr. Abhilash K. Srivastsava And Joel Mose Ayora
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Name : A critical evaluation of Steel Industry in Sudan - Opportunities for Indian Exporters
Author : Sharif Memon
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Name : Case Study : A Learning Approach to Business Education
Author : Vimal Babu
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Name : Customers' Attitude Towards Advertisement in Goa: An Analytical Study
Author : Mrs. Hazel Ruth Colaco, Filipe Rodrigues E Melo And A K Tiwari
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Name : Economy At A Glance
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Name : Editorial
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