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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
Name : Occupational Stress and its Effects on Personal Life and Work
Author : Anurag Singh, Amrit Lal Ghosh, Sonit Dutta
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Name : Case of Barista Coffee Company - The Trajectory of Growth
Author : Dr S.R. Subba Rao, Ms P. Jayasree
Download :
Name : Carbon Trading Not Only Raising Economy But Promoting
Author : Prof. Y. S. Thakur, Dr. Aradhna Thakur, Ms. Shikha Urmil
Download :
Name : Customer Relationship Management Practices among
Author : Dr. S.Sudhakar, Dr Sudharani Ravindran
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Name : The Dynamics of Occupational Stress
Author : Dr. H. Ramananda Singh, Sonit Dutta
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Name : Influence of Personal Characteristics on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Women
Author : Dr. Hanuman Prasad, Dr. Sanjeev Thakur
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Name : Leadership in Indian Organizations: A Sample Study of Southern Rajasthan
Author : Ms. Shipra (Agarwal) Narang
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Name : Leaveraging Business Efficiency Through Distributed Computing
Author : Karthikeyan. P, Manjula. K A
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Name : Multiple Roles of Working Women In India: A Study of Contradiction of
Author : Ranawat. M, Kapil. B, Babel. G
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Name : Organizational and Personal Change Management: Process, Plans, and Tips
Author : Mr. Aditya Singh Pratihar
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