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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
Name : Consumers Preference of Retail Store Attributes:
Author : Dr. G Bharathi Kamath
Download :
Name : Marketing Mix Driven Measure of Risk Perception in Respect of Equity Shares
Author : Dr. Ranjit Singh, Prof. Amalesh Bhowal
Download :
Name : Impact of Age of Business Organisations Dealing in Medicinal and Aromatic
Author : G.P. Saxena, Prof. Karunesh Saxena
Download :
Name : Study on the Nature of Impact of Soft Skills Training Programme on the Soft
Author : Dr. Jessy John
Download :
Name : Study of Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementations
Author : Prof. Jitendra P Shreemali
Download :
Name : Strategic Prevention Analysis of Hearing Ability Damage for Power Loom
Author : P. Suresh, Dr. R.Kesavan
Download :
Name : Control and Prevention of Financial Scandals -
Author : Dr. M Panduranga Vithal, Dr. N. Sivakumar
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Name : Management of Human Resources Development For Information Technology
Author : Ms. P. Pirakateeshwari
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Name : A Scenario of Traditional Stores (kiranas) and Modern Retail Outlets in India
Author : Mr. Ankur Jauhari
Download :
Name : Right to Information and Consumer Protection
Author : Dr. Rajshree Choudhary
Download :
Name : Right to Information : Historical Perspective
Author : Surendra Kumar Jakhar
Download :
Name : Education and Research in Doll Drum in India
Author : Prof. R.L. Tamboli, Ms. Vineeta Sharma
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Name : India's GDP Estimates, Consumption, Expenditure and Capital Formation
Author :
Download :