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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
Name : Hero Ultra: Joining Hands for Ultra Success?
Author : Dr. M. V. Sidhpuria, Dr. Renuka Garg
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Name : HRM for Upturning Corporate Fate
Author : Dr. Arup Barman
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Name : Global Recession & Its Impact On India / Developing Countries
Author : Mr. Ankur Jauhari, Mr. Aditya Singh Pratihar
Download :
Name : Global Meltdown HR Solutions to Cope Financial Crisis
Author : Dr. (Mrs.) Rupa Mathur
Download :
Name : Impact of Global Financial Turmoil on Indian Markets
Author : Ms. P. Pirakatheeswari, Ms. S. Deepa
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Name : Neo-financial & Legal Strategies in an era of Global Financial Meltdown
Author : Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain, Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain
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Name : An Evaluation of service quality indicators as a requirement for tourist satisfaction using gap anal
Author : Dr. H. Nagaraj, Ms. Seema Varshney
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Name : The Metamorphosis of Brand loyalty with reference to direct and indirect marketing
Author : Dr. Amit Sharma, Kamal K. Mishra
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Name : Service buying behaviour in Bangladesh: Looking at customers’ attitude and intention to buy life a
Author : Md. Shah Azam, Nasrin Lubna
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Name : Indian Buffer Stocks In Granaries : A Problem Of Plenty?
Author : Prof. Subin Chandran
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Name : Role of Personality Factors for Teaching Effectiveness
Author : Ms. Ajapa Bhardwaj
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Name : Leadership Learnings From Ramayana And Mahabharata For The Business World
Author : Ms. Anagha Shupre
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Name : ICT in the Development of GCC Nations Emerging Issues & Challanges
Author : M Iftekhar Ahmad
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Name : Open Source and Enterprise
Author : Shubham Goswami
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Name : Selective exposure or selective Attention : An analysis with respect to films
Author : Dr. Mamta Ojha
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Name : Enforcement of Foreign Judgement and Foreign Arbitral Awards in India
Author : Vijay Kumar Dungarwal
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Economy at a Glance
Name : India's GDP Estimates, Consumption, Expenditure and Capital Formation
Author :
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