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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
Name : Lack of Entrepreneurship Resulted in to Downfall of “ Inani Empire ”
Author : Mahesh Chandra Joshi
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Name : A Supply Chain Design Problem for Multi location and Multigenerational product Industry
Author : Prashant Sharma* and Dr. A.N. Mathur**
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Name : Content Analysis of Intellectual Capital Disclosure of IT Firms in India
Author : Dr. G Bharathi Kamath*
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Name : The Positive Virtuous Cycle Generated by Brands in the Minds of the Indian Consumers
Author : Rajdeep Bakshi
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Name : Asset Liability Management under Risk Framework: A Critical Study of Indian Banking Industry
Author : Dr. G.S. Rathore
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Name : Retailing of Handloom in India
Author : Prof. R. K. Pandey*, Mohammad Zohair**
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Name : Rising preferences towards hi-end services in case of Hospitality in India
Author : Mr. M.V. Nagraj*, Vinaytosh Mishra** & Rupali Verma***
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Name : A Study of the Trends and Issues in Implementation of E-Banking
Author : Dr. Meera Mathur*, Zakiya Khan**
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Name : Retail Industry of India: An Employment Production House
Author : Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran*, Mr. Gaurav Kr. Joshi**
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Name : The Environment of Rural Market: A Study of North Gujarat
Author : Milind K Patel*, Brijesh H. Joshi** and Dr. R.S. Waghela***
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Name : An Introduction to Behavioural Finance
Author : Prof. N. M. Khandelwal*
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Author :
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Name : Economy at a Glance......
Author :
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